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Cerinthe major ‘Purparascens’ (3in1) - 15cm black pot

Cerinthe major ‘Purparascens’ (3in1) - 15cm black pot

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Plant name: Cerinthe major ‘Purparascens’

Other names: Honeywort 'Purpurascens

Category: Biennial 

Plant familyBoraginaceae

Light preference: Full sun

Soil preference: Loam, sand, chalk,  acid, neutral, well-drained

Flowering/fruiting month: May- June


  • 0.5 - 1 meters height
  • 0.1-0.5 meters spread



Cerinthe have become quite trendy in recent years. They are very popular with bees and other pollinators and they have a really unusual and attractive flower. The flowers fold open and are long lasting. I've recently seen these used by florists in more unusual displays!! 


Once they are established in your garden they will self seed and be pretty hardy. If you're growing from seed they will need some protection from frosts. They particularly enjoy well-drained and fertile soil in a sunny spot!

Current appearance: Small plant