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Hesperantha coccinea 'Wilfred H. Bryant' - 9cm black pot

Hesperantha coccinea 'Wilfred H. Bryant' - 9cm black pot

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Plant name: Hesperantha coccinea 'Wilfred H. Bryant'

Other names: Crimson Flag Lily

Scientific Name: Schizostylis c. 'Wilfred H. Bryant'

Category: Semi-evergreen perennial  

Plant family: Iridaceae

Light preference: Full sun, partial shade

Soil preference: Loam, sand , chalk, clay acid, alkaline, neutral, well-drained


  • 1 meters height
  • 0.5 meters spread



These plants are an absolute star in my garden around November time. They have beautiful foliage all through the year and then burst into flower when everything else dies back. They’re very reliable and spread easily!


No special attention is needed. Just be aware they will spread a little. They’re easy to multiple by just digging a few clumps up and splitting!