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Cynara cardunculus - 15cm black pot

Cynara cardunculus - 15cm black pot

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Plant name: Cynara cardunculus

Other names: Cardoon, artichoke thistle

Category: Perennial, deciduous 

Plant familyAsteraceae

Light preference: Full sun

Soil preference: Loam, sand, chalk; acid, alkaline, neutral; well-drained


  • 1.5-2.5 metres height
  • 1-1.5 metres spread

Flowering month: June - Sept


An old Victorian favourite, once grown as a vegetable and blanched for use rather like celery, the cardoon, Cynara cardunculus, is now valued for its striking silvery, thistle-like foliage which adds a theatrical touch to the border. In summer, tall flower stems are topped by fat thistle buds which resemble small globe artichokes – the plants are close cousins. The buds finally open into large purple thistle flowers which attract masses of bees. The dead flowerheads can be left on the plants to provide additional interest in winter, and may lure in a flock of finches


Grow Cynara cardunculus in fertile, well-drained soil in full sun. Mulch annually with well-rotted manure or compost.