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Dahlia 'Kiev' - 15cm black pot

Dahlia 'Kiev' - 15cm black pot

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Plant name: Dahlia Kiev

Category: Bulbs, perennial

Plant family: Dahlia

Light preference: Full sun

Soil preference: Loam, sand, clay; acid, alkaline, neutral; moist but well-drained


  • 1 metre height
  • 0.3-0.6 metre spread

Flowering month: July - Oct


Dahlia Kiev has giant creamy white flower heads that flush a delicate rose pink as the flower matures. The foliage is rich deep green, such an asset as can be used in flower arranging with other garden companions! A dinner plate flower that will appreciate staking for best results.


Dahlias are easy to grow and simply require well-drained soil and a sunny position. However, we recommend digging in manure or compost and topping with general purpose fertiliser for optimum results.

Current condition: Early signs of sprouting!