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Delphinium Galahad Group - 9cm black pot

Delphinium Galahad Group - 9cm black pot

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Common plant name: Delphinium Galahad Group 

Other names:  

Category:  Herbaceous Perennial 

Plant familyRanunculaceae

Light preference: Full Sun

Soil preference: Loam, clay, acid, alkaline, neutral, well-drained, poorly-drained

Flowering Month: June/ Sep


  • 1.75 meters height
  • 0.6 meters spread


Delphiniums are an absolute delight in a cottage garden and can also look amazing when planted more formally. I love delphiniums - they can be so stately and create a huge impact! I have grown them in every garden I've ever cultivated.


Slugs absolutely love these plants! There's no avoiding this issue and it can be a real problem. There are lots of ways to deal with slugs (most only partially work). I have found beer traps, nematodes, a pair of scissors and sand around the base of plants to be fairly effective. I have used copper rings aswell with some success!! 


In addition, most delphiniums will benefit from staking. I tend to put four stakes in a square and then use strong to weave around to create a strong support. Don't tie too tight- you don't want the plants to snap in the wind!