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Dierama snowbells (mini) - 8cm black pot

Dierama snowbells (mini) - 8cm black pot

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Plant name: Dierama snowbells 

Other names: Dierama pulcherrimum album

Category: Herbaceous perennial

Plant family: Dahlia 

Light preference: Full sun, partial shade 

Soil preference: Loam, chalk, clay; acid, neutral; well-drained

Flowering/fruiting month: July-august 


  • 0.5-1 metres height
  • 0.1-0.5 metres spread

DescriptionDescription Dierama Snowbells is exquisitely beautiful and elegant. Arching, wiry 'rod like' stems rise through tufts of grassy, evergreen foliage. In summer, white flowers hang like fish from a rod, giving rise to the common name, Angels Fishing Rod, and nod, even on the calmest of days, providing continual movement.

Care: Very low maintenance, pluck off dead leaves. Watch out for slugs!

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