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Digitalis Ambigua
Digitalis Ambigua

Digitalis Ambigua

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Common plant name: Digitalis ambigua

Other names:  Large yellow foxglove

Category:  Biennial/ Short- lived perennial

Plant family: Plantaginaceae

Light preference: Full sun/Full shade/Partial shade

Soil preference: Loam, clay, acid, alkaline, neutral, well-drained, poorly-drained


  • 0.5 - 1 meters height
  • 0.1 - 0.5 meters spread


I think just about everyone loves foxgloves. They're just such brilliant plants. I have yet to find a foxglove that I don't like- from the common purple variety to more unusual shades such as this one. This is a new variety to me and I'm excited to grow it in my own garden this year.


Fox gloves are pretty easy going but don't enjoy lots of over wet or over dry soil- just avoid the extremes. They can self seed easily and will also have little babies so it's often pretty effective to dig up in autumn or early spring and spread them around!