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Geum 'Poco' - 9cm black pot

Geum 'Poco' - 9cm black pot

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Plant name: Geum 'Poco' 

Other name: Avens 'Poco'  

Category: Semi-evergreen perennial 

Plant family: Rosaceae

Light preference: Full sun/ partial shade

Soil preference: Loam, sand, chalk; acid, alkaline, neutral; well-drained

Flowering month: May-October 


  • 0.1-0.5 metres height
  • 0.1-0.5 metres spread


A reliable variety 'Poco' has yellow flowers with a hint or orange, held on attractive purple stems, though the foliage is green. while vigorous, it wont spread too far and stays relatively compact


Deadhead individual flowers, since there are usually flowers put next to buds just below the faded flowers. When the flowers on the entire stem have gone over, remove the stem down to the base.