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Ligularia przewalskii 'Golden Ray'

Ligularia przewalskii 'Golden Ray'

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Plant name: Ligularia przewalskii 'Golden Ray'

Other names: Przewalski's golden ray, senecio przewalskii

Category: Vigorous perennial

Plant family: Asteraceae

Light preference: Full sun

Soil preference: Clay, loam. Acid, Alkaline, Neutral. Poorly-drained.

Flowering/fruiting month: July - August


  • 1.5-2.5 metres height
  • 0.5-1 metres spread

Description: Ligularia przewalskii is a vigorous perennial to 2m in height, with erect black stems bearing large leaves palmately cut into jagged lobes, and slender racemes with of small yellow flower-heads in late summer.

Care: Grow in deep, fertile, reliably moist soil in full sun but with some shelter from midday sun. Protect from strong drying winds. Propagate by division in spring or after flowering. Cut back after flowering.

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