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Narcissi Goose Green

Narcissi Goose Green

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Plant name: Narcissi Goose Green 

Other names: Daffodil 

Category: Perennial bulb

Plant family: Amaryllidaceae

Light preference:   Full sun, Half shade

Soil preference:  Well drained soil. Replace soil every other year

Flowering/ fruiting month: April-May


  • 35 cm height
  • 30 cm spread

Description: This fragrant 1983 Irish naturalizer has a 3 1/2 inch glistening white perianth and a saucer-shaped cup with a prominent, yellow-encircled green eye and a frilly, orange-red rim

Care: Keep soil moist during the growing season and allow the leaves to die back naturally before deadheading 

Current appearance: 5 bulbs Sprouting