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Pumpkin Hooligan Mix - 9cm black pot

Pumpkin Hooligan Mix - 9cm black pot

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Plant name: Pumpkin Hooligan

Category: Half-hardy annual

Light preference: Full sun, full shade, partial shade

Soil preference: Loam, sand , chalk, acid, alkaline, neutral, well-drained

Harvest month: July - Oct


Hooligan is an attractive mini-pumpkin producing snack-sized fruits of just 10cm in diameter, with orange, green and white mottled skin.


Pumpkins can be prone to rot if left to sit on wet ground so it’s a good idea to raise the fruits off the damp floor using a wooden board or a large upturned seed tray. They need lots of sun to ripen, so remove any foliage that’s casting shade.