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Tulip Flaming Margarita

Tulip Flaming Margarita

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Plant name: Tulip Flaming Margarita 

Other names:  Margarita 

Category: Perennial bulb

Plant family: Tulips-Tulipa

Light preference:   Full sun, Half shade

Soil preference:  Well drained soil. Replace soil every other year

Flowering/ fruiting month: April-May


  • 40 cm height
  • 30 cm spread

Description: A truly remarkable Double Early Tulip, Margarita produces creamy white blossom with contrasting reddish/purple flames for a unique appearance during April.  They are sure to add class and style when planted along the front of the spring garden border or when potted in containers and presented on the patio. 

Care: After the tulips have bloomed and when leaves fade and turn brown the bulbs can be lifted, dried, cleaned and stored in a cool place until planting time

Current appearance: 5 bulbs Sprouting