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Tulip Queen Of The Night - 16cm Black Pot

Tulip Queen Of The Night - 16cm Black Pot

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Plant name: Queen of the Night 

Other names: Late Single Tulip

Category: Herbaceous Perennial bulb

Plant family: Liliaceae 

Light preference: Full sun, partial shade

Soil preference: Loam, sand , chalk, acid, alkaline, neutral, well-drained


  • 0.45 meters height
  • 0.15 meters spread




I love to grow tulips and do so mostly in pots. Tulips love well drained soil, so if you have clay soil (like me), perhaps opt for pots also! These tulips are a must in my mind. I dare you to grow them. They’re dark in tone and add a rich mystery to the spring garden- they contrast beautifully with springs usual soft hues. They should flower around mid-April time depending on temperature. I’d suggest mixing with other bulbs as well to create a mixed display!


These tulips are already potted so will be in their early growth stage. Avoid moving them until they start to show growth of around 3inches; they can then be replanted in pots or in your border and mixed with other bulbs.

Once they have  finished flowering, chop off the dead flowers but leave the foliage as this will feed the bulb. The bulbs can either be left in the ground or if in pots lifted and stored in a cool/ dark place until planting again next year. If re-planted in pots, always use new compost!