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Wild Strawberry

Wild Strawberry

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Plant name: Fragaria vesca 

Other names: Alpine strawberry

Category: Perennial

Plant familyRosaceae

Light preference: Full sun

Soil preference: Loam, clay, sand; acid, neutral, alkaline ; well-drained

Flowering month: March- May   Fruiting month: June-August


  • 0.1-0.5 metres height
  • 0.5-1    meters spread


F. vesca is a stoloniferous, spreading perennial forming rosettes of 3-palmate leaves, bright green leaves with toothed leaflets. In late spring it bears cymes of white flowers that are followed by red fruit 1cm long

Care: Remove excess runners. May be affected by strawberry viruses( leaves become crinkled with yellowish spots)  and root rot. Fruit prone to grey moulds. 

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