We reuse plastic plant pots

In every garden shed, garage and greenhouse there's always a small pile of plastic plant pots. I hate to think how many I have used and produced over the years.


When we started the Potting Shed we wanted to make sure that we made positive environmental decisions. An obvious starting point for us is recycling preloved plastic plant pots rather than buying in new ones. It's a very easy way to reduce our plastic use and in honesty save money!!


Every time we grow a plant, plant a bulb or take a cutting we use use a pot that has been donated by one of our customers. We've been running for just over a year now and this reusing commitment has stopped us buying roughly 12,000 plant pots!!


If you've got any old plants, please feel free to drop them off and we'll be sure to make use of them. Any we can use will be passed on or recycled (wherever possible!!)