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This months favorite plant

It's very difficult to pick one favourite plant. Each plant brings something different to the space, garden or environment you plant it in.   One plant that is fighting for the favourites spot is the Macleaya. For those who are unfamiliar, this plant is definitely worth a second glance. It's tall, architectural and yet has an ethereal quality to it. This plant is perfect at the back of the border in a larger garden and can be seen in the long borders at Renishaw Hall.  Click here to view the listing  

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We reuse plastic plant pots

In every garden shed, garage and greenhouse there's always a small pile of plastic plant pots. I hate to think how many I have used and produced over the years.   When we started the Potting Shed we wanted to make sure that we made positive environmental decisions. An obvious starting point for us is recycling preloved plastic plant pots rather than buying in new ones. It's a very easy way to reduce our plastic use and in honesty save money!!   Every time we grow a plant, plant a bulb or take a cutting we use use a pot that has been donated by one of our customers. We've been running for just over a year now and this...

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We're recruiting

We're currently looking for a new Team Leader to join our Grow Gardeners programme. Grow Gardeners is our Sheffield based gardening social enterprize.   If you'd like to find out more, check out the following link: click here

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New Opening Hours

Just a quick note to mention our new opening hours are Mondays 1-7pm.   We are open for click and collect all week so no worries if you can't make Mondays!!   Don't forget we've moved and can now be found at 27 Montgomery Road, Sheffield, S71LN!!

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The Potting Shed - OPENING DAY

We are physically opening on the 8th of March 2021. We have so many wonderful plants to share with you! Click here to book a slot for your visit. It's been exciting to meet some of you via Click&Collect over the past few months but it's time to start opening the gates. We will be open every Monday from 10am- 6pm. For week one we're asking people to sign up for a slot so we can try and space people out a little. Follow the link above to sign up for a visit! This is all a bit new for us so please be patient as we suss things out.

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