About us

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Welcome to The Potting Shed. We are a micro plant nursery based in Sheffield.

We grow a range of plants from seed, cuttings and by dividing established plants. We also sell plants grown by other nurseries who share our commitment to growing plants organically and in peat free compost! 

If you have any specific plant requests do let us know. We love a challenge and will seek to find it/grow it for you!

The Potting Shed is a part of the charity Grow. Grow is a youth development charity based in Sheffield: our mission is to Inspire Hope and Unlock Potential in Young People Through Nature!

All of the plants you buy will have been selected, grown and nurtured by Grow Gardeners. The gardeners are young people who are developing skills and boosting their wellbeing by being a part of Grow’s programmes. To find out more about Grow, check out our website:

For all inquiries, please contact